How To Break A Fall

by Maya de Vitry

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Better and Better I overheard my bones reading poems On how to break a fall And I caught my arms lookin up a recipe For how to hold it all and if I could hold my anger Where in the world would I carry it to Forgiving myself is the most I can do And it still holds true the quiet ones Have a lot to say And now that my heart is talking again I just try to stay out of her way I’m getting better and better at knowing When a word tastes true That’s what I’m trying for these days It’s the most I can do I’m getting better and better and better and better and better and better and better I’m getting better and better and better and better and better and better and better And there is a rest that bones only begin to understand When a body stops living like an answer to a man I’m getting better and better at knowing I don’t owe a thing to you I’m taking care of myself, it’s the most I can do
BREAD FOR THE CIRCUS It’s a circus, it’s attraction It’s animals and passion It’s a big top extravaganza And it’s rolling past There’s a magic of distraction the flash of satisfaction But she dreamed of running away And when the big top was quiet She stayed up talking with the lions And from the flying trapeze she saw the ringmaster staggering past At night she learned to juggle fire She taught herself to walk on the wire And she dreamed of running away But she hung around Baking bread for the circus Town to town Baking bread for the circus Looking down Baking bread for the circus Was it hope or confusion Protection or illusion That held her like a magnet To the madness of the show She gave all of her attention As if bread was her invention But she dreamed of running away Yes, she dreamed of running away
Magazine 03:31
MAGAZINE There was a child at the reins she wrecked her pony in a dream Nobody tried to save her she died alone at the scene they laid her body on the table they gave her soul to a man in the sky and they gave her legs to a magazine She woke up inside a mirror Lookin out with eyes she didn’t know And all around her Silhouettes tripping uphill In high heels in the snow she saw her heart in the shape of a diamond, she saw her body in the hands of a man And she saw her legs in a magazine And she heard talk of places too dangerous to go As if walking was some secret too dangerous to know She found her body on the shelf Beside some souvenirs and chocolates She reached to hold it, but it broke to pieces And they tried to make her buy it They say she climbed right through the camera They say she got up off her knees and she ran right off the page of the magazine
DON’T KNOW WHEN After dinner, I step outside And smell the wood stove on the air There’s some place I’m gonna find the words I just don’t know where I ran too fast and I ran too long I heard all about forgiveness but I didn’t know how and I did my time doing myself wrong But I am learning to sleep better now I know I’ve got catching up to do with you But right now I wouldn’t know who you’d be catching up to So I’ll get to know myself again And then I can be a friend I’m coming But I don’t know when I miss summer but I love snow I’m flying under my own radar for awhile If you don’t see me sooner, you’ll probably see me later In the grocery store at midnight, in the oatmeal aisle
SOMETHING IN THE WAY SHE MOVES Come take a look through the lens, She is not digging for what she was told You can see it from here, she’s shaking What is she holding, what does she know? Why is she smiling? What if she’s already touched the beginning of time? Whatever it is, this is exactly what we were afraid she would find Oh there’s something in the way she stands Like she knows she’s got nothing to lose Yes there’s something in the way she turns There’s something in the way she moves And what if her bones remember the weight Of it all across the years, and what if she welcomes the snake to her shoulders And undresses down to her tears What if she finds the letter of ransom And reads it, and understands? And what if she follows the snake out of the garden With nothing at all in her hands?
Gray 03:36
GRAY I found another way to feel the edges left between the world and you and me I found another way to live the story I found another way to set it free I watch her bend the trees and move the water But the wind was never one to clear the air That’s the neverending work of days And we may never even make it there, make it there Oh, when trouble was the night tender was the day And there is still a part of love that remembers you that way Now I know why the light at the end of the day is gray I hear the voices humming in the tunnel I watch the light that reaches for your hand I see the birds that fly above the prison of what the world imagines for a man I dream that you are waking in the twilight I dream that you are wrestling the keys from the guards that have been stationed all around whoever they intended you to be, you to be
OPEN THE DOOR Picture this - walking up to a house you don’t know and lettin yourself in And then you just start talking like you know something golden And you roll out your carpet right under your chin And here I am, just handing it over And here we are, and you didn’t even knock on my door And I’m kickin myself for shutting my mouth And throwing up my hands and giving you the floor What I don’t know is how this started You talking over me until you walk right through I’m gonna need you to leave please, allow me to open the door for you I’ve tasted blood from biting my tongue I’m ready, like I must have met you before To be standing here at all I have broken ceilings And climbed over walls and crawled under floors And this time, I’m not handing it over I’ve carried these words through fire and rain And I’ve made my agreements with my doubt and my demons that silence can no more rely on my name
TAKING UP ROCK AND ROLL Well I’ve been quiet, and I’ve been good And I’ve been sweet as I could I’m pretty when I try, so I been told but today’s the day I’m taking up rock and roll Ever since I got pleasing people outta my mind I sure got a hell of a lotta free time To sort through the tall tales of old And today’s the day I’m taking up rock and roll Well didn’t it wash a little fear away The day I heard Rosetta play Yeah and didn’t it rain a big river right through my soul Yeah today’s the day I’m taking up rock and roll Well my mind got heavy, but my heart got free And my hands got busy telling me All about the songs they long to hold Yeah today’s the day I’m taking up rock and roll And my baby’s coming home when the sun goes down But I’m leaving in the morning for Chicago town Cuz today’s the day I’m taking up rock and roll
Reverie 03:07
REVERIE If you go out far enough to find the earth standing all alone and if you watch her long enough to catch her in her reverie it’s likely she’s remembering life without you and me And if you stay out late enough To see the dawn open up her eyes And if you watch her close enough to catch her in her reverie it’s likely she’s remembering life without you and me When a tree falls in the forest of course it makes a sound for most of her memory we are nowhere to be found And if you listen soft enough to hear a child humming to herself and if you stay there long enough to catch her in her reverie it’s likely she’s remembering life without you and me
Revolution 03:43
REVOLUTION What are these anthems I learned to sing While I worked the land for a powerful king What is this language that painted these lines Must I make up another one word at a time? What are these walls inside of me If they fall, who will I be? And how will I climb outside of my eyes if this is the world they recognize? I gotta fight for my body Like I’m running a revolution I gotta fight for my mind Like I don’t wanna lose it I broke the arrow, I’ve dropped the shield I’ve left the battle, I’ve fled the field The master’s tools will never free This voice I hear inside of me
IN THE MEANTIME, I LOVE YOU I’m still facing what it’s like To know myself for a lifetime Of long walks and silences Along the beach inside my mind To be perfectly honest I’m overwhelmed I’m not used to love going quite so well Or maybe truth has never been such an easy thing to tell When the sun hits the water Is she gold or is she blue Or is she still thinking it through In the meantime, I love you And what if I don’t care what this means And it’s not a question, it’s just a dream To love you every chance I get Until we fade to blue and green cuz don’t we both love all the seasons And don’t we love all kinds of weather If we just let love change forever We could see a lot together
Joy 03:34
JOY May you leap like an animal awakened Awakened, awakened May you comb the dark for the seeds that blow Through the window of a spirit that is broken May you rise from the terror of the quiet The quiet, the quiet May you fall to the earth, and forget about words And cry like you’ve been called to free an ocean Don’t think too long Don’t think too hard Don’t let anybody, anybody, anybody tell you That joy is just too far May you lose your measure of a mile a mile, a mile On the dark walk out of your memory And back into the brightness of the wild


released March 13, 2020

Produced by Dan Knobler
Engineered by Jacob Blumberg
Recorded at Goosehead Palace in Nashville, TN from January 27th to February 1st, 2019
Mixed by Dan Knobler
Mastered by Philip Shaw Bova
Cover Photograph by Laura Partain
Design by Maya de Vitry

Maya de Vitry
Courtney Hartman
Ben Tanner
Ethan Jodziewicz
Jason Burger
Dan Knobler

Songs by Maya Elizabeth de Vitry, BMI


all rights reserved



Maya de Vitry Nashville, Tennessee

Maya de Vitry is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. She lives in Nashville, TN.

Mad Maker Studio
P.O Box 110392
Nashville, TN

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